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offering expertise in digital marketing

Harbor Light Consulting offers guidance in this impossible ever-changing digital world.


Marketing today is about connecting to your customer, consistant branding and communicating so your product or service can clearly meet the needs of your target audience. It’s about creating a brand identity that is unique, relevant and speaks with both clarity and personality so your target audience is able to engage with your business.


Harbor Light is a media planning and buying agency that will guide you towards better advertising and marketing results. This comes from years of expertise and understanding the constant updates placed on the ever-changing algorithms  that are happening daily on the internet. We focus on planning and implementing various advertising platforms including TV, radio, print, social and mobile for improved performance. Harbor Light will measure the analytics of each campaign providing results for consistent media optimization which is customized monthly for your business.


Successful marketing comes from great concept, design work and implementation with energy across multiple media channels. Today it’s important that your concepts work, that they  are original and the design work is exceptional. Everything needs to work harmoniously to be effective and to build your digital footprint over time. Nothing happens in a few months. This process is a commitment to change. The transition results will ultimately drive revenue.


Harbor Light is an industry leader in conveying your company story, building a message and captivating the proper followers who will help to inspire positive action towards your digital footprint. This process doesn't take months - it will take a year+ to properly position your business.

We can't wait to hear from you! Call us today and tell us about your project!
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